Adventure Devos

The first devotionals written exclusively for anyone with a heart for RISK AND DANGER

When was the last time you stepped off the page of your Choose-Your-Own-Adventure life and granted God an opportunity to speak to your heart?

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Adventure on.

What do facial wounds, near drownings, and the Grand Canyon all have in common?

Any idea how caving or rappelling off cliffs illustrate godly concepts for guarding your thought life? What about swift-water rescue and getting caught up in our possessions? Well, you’re about to find out.

Welcome to Adventure Devos – the first devotionals written exclusively for those who love risk and danger, while also wanting to spend time in God’s Word.  Topics include:


Skydiving and Choosing Wrong


Tying Knots and Dealing with Temptation


Polar Plunging and Peer Pressure


SatPhones and Listening for God


Grand Canyon Rafting and Drawing Lines in Life

Illustrations from whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and remote desert hiking will inspire and thrill, all while helping you unpack biblical insights. Challenging dares will then help you implement these truths within your daily life. 

Between fire-starting, runaway horses, and blood sucking leeches, exploring and applying God’s Word has never been easier or more fun.

Buy one of these exciting devotionals today and see how diving into God’s life changing Word makes you a better Spouse, Boss, Friend, Co-worker, Team member…you name it!

About the Authors

Eric Sprinkle

Eric Sprinkle

Eric is an avid adventurer—having travelled the world, hiking waterfalls in Croatia, swimming with sea turtles in Guam, and scaling active volcanoes in New Zealand—and has seen adventure’s impact on people firsthand, over and over again. Founder of Adventure Experience and member of the National Speaker Association, he now travels the U.S. with his award-winning photos, speaking on the benefits of risk, challenge, and getting outside your “comfort zone.” He also spends way too much time on local rivers and mountains and has finally given up trying to get the smell of wet neoprene out of his car.

More info at

Sam "Samantha" Evans

Sam "Samantha" Evans

Neatly trimmed nails are nothing a gritty rock face can’t fix, and the contents for any five-day trip worth taking can always fit into a single rucksack. Sam believes in the value of perspective. Whether that’s the ocean floor, free-falling from 13,000 feet, or staring at a wolf through a campfire, there are life lessons and spiritual applications to be learned. After all, the greatest adventure to be lived is in walking in stride with Christ. Sam earned degrees from Northwestern University in youth ministry and biblical studies and has been active in various ministry leadership roles for the last eighteen years. Her passion is to challenge Christians to deepen their faith, speaking truth with transparency, humor and love. An unconventional pastor’s wife and mother of three, should you dare her to jump into an ice cold lake during wintertime, just remember to bring a towel.
You can connect with Sam at, on Twitter
at @LoveSamEvans, or on her Facebook group, Love Sam Evans.


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